Via Montesecco, 67 - 61045 PERGOLA (PU) - Tel. 0721.775222 - Cell. 339.7159014 Mattia -

Agriturismo “Lo Sgorzolo” is located in Pergola, the smiling city at the heart of the Marche region, just 30 km from the sea and 20 km from Monte Catria.

The farm complex covers an area of approximately 35 hectares and includes woods, vineyards and olive groves as well as fields of wheat, sunflowers and alfalfa.

“Lo Sgorzola” is the result of the Costantini family’s desire to share the typical characteristics of a country home centred around self-sufficiency in terms of food.

The animals, hens, geese, ducks, pigeons, turkeys, rabbits and pigs are bred using natural methods and all in line with animal wellbeing regulations. Finest quality vegetables and other garden products are also grown. All the products are used for the catering side of the business to which special attention is always paid.